Protein alignment display - looking for beta testers

michael.baron at nospam.bbsrc.ac.uk michael.baron at nospam.bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 09:12:04 EST 1997

BOXSHADE is a well-established program (Unix/VMS) for displaying
alignments of proteins/NA, with a variety of output formats (e.g. EPSF,
I have created a Macintosh version of BOXSHADE ( "MacBOX" ) and would
like to find a few people who look at alignments, and use/ have access
to this platform, to try and use MacBOX, and give me feed-back as to
what works, what doesn't, what is easy to use, what makes no sense, etc.

Currently MacBOX supports GCG .MSF files for input, and outputs ASCII,
RTF, EPSF and PICT files. It will display the first and last named types
so that you can try different settings.

If you would be willing to try the program (it's pretty stable, so
far!), please e-mail me, removing the @NOSPAM from my email address, and
I will send you the program as a BINHEXED stuffit archive (you will need
Stuffit Expander to unpack it).

Michael D. Baron

michael.baron at NOSPAM@bbsrc.ac.uk

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