New products available - European DTMs at up to 75Metre resolution!

Kevin Woolley kevin at woolleysoft.co.uk
Mon Apr 21 04:46:57 EST 1997

We've just added details of our new data products to our web 
site at http://www.woolleysoft.co.uk

New pages added:-

* Data Products

  Details of our new data products...

  **'Value Added' European Digital Chart of The World Data**
  We offer the Digital Chart of The World data tiled, geocorrected 
  and resampled at 1km grid spacing. We supply in Vistapro DEM, 
  XYZ and PGM formats, but can supply others on request 
  (such as PCX and DXF). Data is supplied by country and includes
  the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and others - If the area
  you require is not already listed please contact us as we can 
  probably supply.

  ** Visual DEM France **

  The _whole_ of France (and parts of adjoining countries) at 75Metre
  resolution on _one_ cdrom for less than a £100!

  ** European 75 Metre resolution data sets **

  We offer polygon optimized models for anywhere in Europe at 75Metre 
  resolution.  Data supplied in TIN or VRML 2.0 formats.

Other pages recently updated

* Landscape Visualization services for Professionals
  Details of our services - images, animations, DEM 
  sourcing/creation/editing, VRML and QuicktimeVR

* A Virtual Field Trip for Education and Schools
  Tutorials and demonstrations for Visual Explorer 
  and Vistapro

* New images in our gallery

* Download area
  Added Vistapro demo, plus don't forget that the 
  last registered shareware version of Landscape Explorer 
  is now available for free.  Lots of other free utilities too


* Version 97/01 of our Horizon programme disk is now 
  shipping.  We believe this to be the most advance 
  landscape visualization system available - and at an
  affordable price too!

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