Standard Chromatogram Format info?

Marc A. Goldstein magoldst at ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 20 21:28:19 EST 1997

Dear Thas,

	I am an Applications Specialist supporting the ALF/ALFexpress 
product line for Pharmacia Biotech. In response to your question, the 
Staden format (now commonly known as SCF) has been supported as an output 
option from our software for some time. Our original OS/2-based software 
package, ALF Manager, could export the original Staden format curves. The 
Staden format has gone through considerable revision and the latest 
version (#3, I think) is now an export option of our current Win95-based 
sequencing software, ALFwin. 

	You may also be interested in a neat utility called Chromas from 
Conor MacCarthy which reads SCF and some other format curves. Chromas is 
available from:

	If I can be of further assistance please get in touch.


	Marc Goldstein, Ph.D.
	Molecular Systems
	Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.
	US: 1-800-526-3595,1,5057
	CA: 1-800-992-5023, 5057

In article <E8uvwE.IHM at ecf.toronto.edu>, yuwaraj at ecf.toronto.edu says...
> Greetings everyone!
> I am looking for information on the 'Standard Chromatogram Format'.
> Could someone kindly point me to some sources? I am interested in
> converting ALF data files (obtained from the Pharmacia sequencers)
> to SCF. I would also like to convert non-standard file formats (in
> the future) to SCF.
> I am trying to develop some post processing routines and availability
> of one standard format would immensely simplify my code development.
> Please send responses to  thas at ibme.utoronto.ca
> I will compile the responses and post them in this newsgroup.
> Thanks.
> -Thas

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