MitoProt II 1.0 for predicting mitochondrial (and chloroplastic) proteins

Manuel G. Claros claros at uma.es
Sat Apr 19 12:19:54 EST 1997

Dear netters,

MitoProt II v1.0 is now available at

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and very soon at


Description   It supplies a series of parameters that permit=20
                theoretical evaluation on mitochondrial targeting=20
                sequences and the importability.=20
              MitoProt II provides the possibility to predict=20
                mitochondrial proteins harbouring targeting=20
              Chloroplast proteins also can be studied.

Literature    Claros & Vincens,1996, Eur J. Biochem. 241, 779-786

Notes         1- MitoProt II is available as a "basic"=20
                 application, or as a "rapid" one. The rapid one=20
                 needs 68020 processor, or later, and FPU. Both=20
                 need system 6.0.2 or later. Older system versions have
                 not been assayed, but perhaps do work well too.
              2- A version for unix machines is also available without
                 using the graphic cabapilities.
              3- A mail server is available to test a protein sending a
                 message with the sequence to mitoprot at biologie.ens.fr

Authors       Mac version -> Manuel G. Claros (claros at uma.es)
              UNIX version -> Pierre Vincens (vincens at biologie.ens.fr)

Old release   MitoProt II 1.beta

MitoProt II has been designed for Macintosh computers, using=20
THINK Pascal 4.5.4 and Universal Headers 2.1. For unix machines it=20
has been designed in ADA95 using the GNat compiler.

Although we have done our best to ensure that these softwares are error=20
free, we are not responsible for any misfortune you may suffer whatsoever=
caused through the use of MitoProt, be they incidental, consequential or=20
otherwise. So, MitoProt is supplied =B3as is=B2: it comes without any=20
warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind, including fitness for=20
purpose and merchantibility. You may find some bugs too, or things=20
lacking which should be included. If you have comments, we would like to=20
know them, but weI do not guarantee to be able to fix them. You can distr=
the software freely.

Permission is hereby granted to anyone to redistribute Mitoprot under
the "Mitoprot" name. We do not grant permission for the resale of Mitopro=
but we do grant permission for vendors to bundle Mitoprot free with other=
software, or to charge a reasonable price for redistribution, provided=20
it is made clear that Mitoprot is free of charge.

Manuel G. Claros, PhD.             claros at uma.es
Bioq. y Bio. Mol.
Fac Ciencias
Universidad de Malaga

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