Solaris 2.x on a Pentium?

Peter M. O'Donnell pmod at u1.abs.net
Wed Apr 16 07:51:22 EST 1997

Matt Kirsch (matt2 at ctg.com) wrote:
: Herbert M Sauro wrote:
: > ignore statements from those who wish to keep their area of expertise
: > clouded in mystery - I guess they think it makes them a better and
: > greater person.

: I do not believe that Mr. O'Donnel was berating the glossary 
: simply because it was there, he was berating it because it
: was grossly inaccurate, and would mislead people that didn't
: know for a fact that it was incorrect.

	yup. the glossary was dumb. if you want knowledge, bang altavista
for solaris+faq, not this guy's ramblings.

: If you show up at an ice rink with a bag of golf clubs, 
: the other kids sure aren't going to let you play hockey.

	heh. good call.
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