Resume Downloads on the internet!

Keivn Curtiss slev at realitybbs.com
Tue Apr 15 13:37:21 EST 1997

Has this ever happened to you?
 You are just about to finish a 2 hour download and all of a sudden you get
diconnected from the internet!  "SHOOOOOT!!! ", you say! "Now I have to
start it ALL over again!".

Don't let this happen to you!  If you want a file that will allow you to
resume downloads over the internet, go to http://www.tapestry.net/  On the
main menu, there is a button called "GetRight".  Click there... That will
let you download the program!  Tell your friends about this program and
where to get it.. once again, the address is http://www.tapestry.net/ 
Kevin Curtiss (Slev)
slev at realitybbs.com
http://www.tapestry.net - Slev's Web Page 

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