SOCM 1kc8 at calweb.com
Mon Apr 14 22:20:33 EST 1997

Hello, I have some software I need to sell, please don't worry I can assure
you there is nothing wrong with this software, two have been used once,
What I mean by that is it was loaded in and the same day taken off.  The
reason was the user did not like them.  The other item is brand new! still
shrink-wrapped it was won in a radio contest and we never used it.

Ok, ok how much? what are they? glad you asked.

 The first one is, believe it or not, "MS Publisher 97'" again only used
once, this is the CD version deluxe. comes with manuals, box all the
"stuff" they put in the box, the only thing is it has been registered. 
you all know how much this goes for in the store. Well, I am selling it,
including shipping ( within the US only )     $49.00

The second one is "MS Money 97",  same thing as above, only it has not been
        Price $18.00

The third is the new one it is "McAfee SmartStor" file backup on 3.5 disks
like I said "Brand New!" 
                    Price $30.00   

1kc8 at calweb.com

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