PRESS RELEASE-Visible Human Female CD

Marty Thomas expomed at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 13 21:51:37 EST 1997

Expomed would like to announce the release of the 
Research Systems' Visible Human Female CD. The CD
is based on the Visible Human Project by the National
Library of Medicine.

The woman used for the imaging was a  59 year old Maryland 
resident who died in September 1993 of a blockage to the 
heart [her family didn't want her named revealed].

*Images are in JPEG format with a very easy to use interface.
*1,730 axial high resolution photographs 
*1,730 axial medium resolution photographs
*309 coronal and 555 sagittal photographs
*1,730 axial CT images windowed for bone and soft tissue
*Coronal and sagittal images have been reconstructed from the 
  original axial CT images.
*945 MRI images available in T1, T2, and Photon density forms
*MRI images for Head,Neck/Thorax,Thorax/Abdomen,Pelvis,Legs,and Feet
*76 page user guide.

For more details and some selected images go to:

If you are interested in trying to WIN A COPY of the 
Visible Human Female CD you can take the Medical-Health
Quiz at the following page.

Thanks,Marty Thomas

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Martin Thomas
expomed at mindspring.com
RSI Visible Human Female CD http://www.expomed.com/vsblwomn.htm 
Medical-Health Quiz, http://www.expomed.com/contest.htm .
The Grand Prize will be a copy of the CD, a $500.00 value.
For a free DOS catalog send email with a mailing address.

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