Kiraly Andras andras at chaos.hupe.hu
Mon Apr 14 18:45:15 EST 1997

Hello for everyone!

Forgive me, please if my question isn't related to this newsgroup, but
I'm not a scientist. 

Does anybody use the 'Ribbons' software (
http://www.cmc.uab.edu/ribbons/ribbons.html)? I've tried the free (old)
version for SGI IRIX5.2, and I've got some problems and question! These
must be solved and answered before we (The Hungarian University of
Physical Education) BUY the current version.

Otherwise, my current task is: modelling biochemical elements and
processes. I'm working on an SGI Indigo2 with IRIX5.3, and I'm looking
for the best way to do it perfectly, precisely and without enormous
efforts. We've got the Softimage 3D modeller and animation software and
it would be wonderful if the conversion from the wellknown molecular
formats (pdb, xyz, mol, etc...) are possible to Softimage.

Do you know any kind of converter, or any software generates 'real'
geometry (3ds, obj, dxf, etc...) output from these molecular files?

The best (of course:-) solution is: free, but we've got a thin budget to
develop (make it easier!) our working process.

Thanks for your time (and help!)
* Kiraly Andras              *
* http://www.hupe.hu/~andras *

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