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Kim Worley kworley at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Apr 11 09:33:05 EST 1997

To avoid having to wait for the Web searches to complete, I
recommend the Search Launcher Batch Client, a Unix and Macintosh
application that automatically 1) reads-in sequences from one or more
input files, 2) runs a specified search in the background for each
sequence, and 3) stores each of the search output files as individual
HTML documents directly on a user's system.  The result files can be
browsed at any later date using Mosaic or Netscape.  For users who wish
to perform a particular search on a number of sequences at a 
time, the batch client provides complete access to the Search Launcher
with the convenience of batch submission and background operation,
greatly simplifying and expediting the search process.
	Accessing Web based search tools via the Search Launcher Batch Client
provides access to the (very) large sequence databases that are changing
daily, without having to store and maintain the databases or maintain
the search tools locally.  Each time the Batch Client is used, it
queries the BCM Search Launcher for the most up-to-date list of search
	The Search Launcher Batch Client v. 2.5 is available from a link (A
Batch Client...) on the BCM Search Launcher home page.  The BCM Search
Launcher (http://gc.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/search-launcher/launcher.html) is
an enhanced, integrated, and easy-to-use interface that provides access
to a number of different web based sequence analysis services.  The
Search Launcher extends the functionality of other WWW services by
adding additional hypertext links which can be extremely helpful when
analyzing database search results.  

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