ANNOUNCE: GeneFIND Server for protein family identification

wu at uthct.edu wu at uthct.edu
Wed Apr 9 10:45:01 EST 1997

The Bioinformatics Research Group of the University of Texas Health Center at
Tyler is pleased to announce the availability of its GeneFIND Server for
protein family identification at:


GeneFIND (Gene Family Identification Network Design) is an integrated database
search system that combines several search/alignment tools and ProClass
database (http://diana.uthct.edu/proclass.html) to provide rapid and sensitive 
search results with enriched family information.  Multi-level filters are used, 
starting with the fastest MOTIFIND neural networks, followed by BLAST search, 
SSEARCH (Smith-Waterman) sequence alignment, and motif pattern search.  

The server currently provides large-scale on-line identification of query 
sequences for 942 protein families.  Search results are returned as HTML 
documents showing global and motif scores, alignment to best matched members of 
all possible ProSite protein groups and PIR superfamilies, motif pattern match, 
as well as links to corresponding ProClass family records.

Please cite the following reference in publications that benefit from the
GeneFIND family identification system:

     Wu, C. H., Zhao, S., Chen, H. L., Lo, C. J. and McLarty, J. (1996). Motif
     identification neural design for rapid and sensitive protein family
     search. CABIOS, 12(2), 109-118.

Please visit our site and send suggestions and comments to me at wu at uthct.edu.
Also contact me directly if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the
GeneFIND software program.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Cathy Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biomathematics
University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
P. O. Box 2003, Tyler, TX 75710
E-Mail   : wu at uthct.edu
Fax      : (903) 877-5914
Phone    : (903) 877-7962
WWW URL  : http://diana.uthct.edu/~wu 

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