Arlequin ver.1.0 and RAPD-PCR

Hans Stenöien hans.stenoien at vm.unit.no
Wed Apr 9 05:57:21 EST 1997

Dear all:

I am doing RAPD-PCR analyses on two Sphagnum (peat-moss) species. I am
using the haploid gametophores in the analyses. The software Arlequin
ver. 1.0 does not accept RAPD-PCR data from diploids. However, shouldn't
it be possible to define my data as "RFLP haplotypic data" and carry out
ordinary population genetic analyses using this software?

Thank you.

Hans Stenøien

Inst. of Natl. Hist.
Museum of Natl. Hist. & Arch.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7004 Trondheim, Norway

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