Manipulating ABI Chromatogram files

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Wed Apr 9 09:19:03 EST 1997

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> To Chris Cunningham:
> In response to your query about capturing ABI trace file images for making
> figures, I would recommend the following technique, which I have been using
> recently:
> Go to the Ambrosia Software shareware web site at http://www.ambrosiasw.com
> and download a demo copy of "Snapz Pro". This screen capture utility allows
> much more flexibility than the standard Macintosh cmd-shift-3 screen
> capture. For instance, you can capture just a selection of the window by
> dragging a marquee (which is what you will probably want to do). It can
> also capture windows or menus. Install this control panel, and restart your
> Mac. (Don't forget to pay your shareware fees!)
 You might want to try Mainstay's Capture (now called Captivate, I think).
It is a commercial package and used for screen captures and later
Regards, Tom.

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