Manipulating ABI Chromatogram files

Jim Galt jimgalt at GENECODES.COM
Tue Apr 8 15:32:18 EST 1997

To Chris Cunningham:

In response to your query about capturing ABI trace file images for making
figures, I would recommend the following technique, which I have been using

Go to the Ambrosia Software shareware web site at http://www.ambrosiasw.com
and download a demo copy of "Snapz Pro". This screen capture utility allows
much more flexibility than the standard Macintosh cmd-shift-3 screen
capture. For instance, you can capture just a selection of the window by
dragging a marquee (which is what you will probably want to do). It can
also capture windows or menus. Install this control panel, and restart your
Mac. (Don't forget to pay your shareware fees!)

1. Using Sequencher, select the region of the trace file(s) you want to
view by highlighting the DNA sequence.
2. Click on the "Show Chromatograms" button in the menubar.
3. Alter the size of the viewing window and the scaling of the peaks on the
trace file to suit your needs.
4. I would then click on a base  outwith the region of interest, to remove
the highlighting from the selected sequence.
5. Type the keystroke to activate Snapz Pro (I think it is cmd-shift-3 by
default) and choose the "Selection" tool.
6. Decide how you want the picture to be captured - I have had variable
success with "Clipboard", and more reliable results with "Screen Snapz".
The latter saves it as a SimpleText file, which you then open up, select
all, copy and paste into a drawing program (I use Superpaint, for instance).
7. Then you can erase parts of the picture, add legends, etc. and prepare
the final figure the way you want.

I hope this helps you get what you want. Please let me know if it does, or
if you have any questions.


Jim Galt

P.S. - I should also mention that I am originally from Glasgow, and I have
been in the US for 9 years now.

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