Using handheld computers in ecological field work

Marco Bleeker mbleeker at euronet.nl
Mon Apr 7 17:24:49 EST 1997

On Mon, 07 Apr 1997 15:04:44 +0200, Ingar Pareliussen <ajuga at nvg.ntnu.no>

>I wonder

I use a Psion series 3A (2 MB RAM) with a database of 2100 species names. That
is about the max the database can handle at a (barely) acceptable performance.
I haven't tried the spreadsheet yet with such a large number of lines, but I
suppose the max would be about the same. The spreadsheet is quite powerfull (as
opposed to the database) and the 18 columns you mention should not be a problem
I think. The Psion 3A is perhaps not very waterproof. Battery life is great
Success, Marco
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