Curvefitting in Preader (free patch clamp analysis software) soon to come...

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Fri Apr 4 22:45:01 EST 1997

Our freeware program Preader for analysis of  patch clamp data will soon
be include all the possible fitting routines that you can think of in
terms of pharmacological and electrophysiological analysis. We got a
very kind offer from GraphPad who will allow us to use the trial version
of their software in our program. This is really good because it takes a
lot of time to develop the curve fitting routines and now we can
concentrate on the more direct analysis. We also asked Jandel Software
(the maker of SigmaPlot) if there was a possibility to get a restricted
version of their software or something, but they said no.

Until recently I didn't know that GraphPad had such a good curve fitting
program as far as I can see it matches SigmaPlot pretty well and it
beats MicroCal Origin which I regret that I bought. So we are really
excited about this because we this will soon give us the analysis
program that we want. The reason why we make it is that we are PC users
and we do not want to jump to the Mac where AxoGraph is available. I
really like that program. We will make some things that you not will
find in AxoGraph which is a pretty smart database function utilizing SQL
language to sort/find the data. It means that one time you have entered
the information from your logbook (or used Preaders automatic features
for peaks and soon rise times, time constants etc.) then you can perform
the statistics that you want. This basically means that you do not have
to work yourself to dead by paging back and forth in your logbooks.
Recently I made 4 abstracts to the ISAN meeting in Cairns and it took me
the whole weekend to sort out the data from the logbook. If I had
finished that feature in Preader then I would have finished in one hour.
Example :

Find all concentrations of GABA=1000 µM give me the mean peak current,
50% rise time ± SD and ± SE.

Preader currently have a peak detector but version 1.7 (not released
yet) will improve this feature a lot. Preader also offers automatic
transfer to the database of the numbers returned from the analysis. I
think its smart...(but I also made it, so Im quite uncritical) Please
give some response if you think this is worth pursuing

We have just got VB5 and we will make the transition from VB4, which
should make the program faster.

We are also working very hard on getting the support for Cambridge
Electronic Designs file format CFS into our program. CED has also been
very helpful with the support for their file format.

You can go to the download page of Preader beta version 1.6 :

You can mail me to obtain a password :
lthomsen at interlynx.net or thomsenl at fhs.mcmaster.ca

Please note that we haven't incorporated GraphPad Prism in our program
yet, but you can try the trial version by going to :

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