Populus replacement for Mac?

Eli Meir meir at zoology.washington.edu
Wed Oct 30 21:55:39 EST 1996

Check my Biology Education Software FAQ, 
which lists lots of ecology/evolution software that might work for
replacing populus.  In particular, PopDyn is a nice implementation of a
few of the models in Populus with cute icons of wolves and rabbits on
the graphs.  There are several programs that do evolutionary models,
including a reasonable one from BioQuest.  

Also, if I'm allowed to do a bit of advertising after giving advice
[but you can skip the rest of this and miss the ad] ... I have written
a program called EcoBeaker which is available as of last spring from
Sinauer Associates, which runs on the mac (and this spring on Windows)
and does a wide variety of ecological and conservation bio models.  It
is quite different from Populus in philosophy and in the types of
models it does, but people seem to like it.  You can get more info from

Good luck

Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at zoology.washington.edu

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