RASMOL: Merging two structures

Andreas Wernitznig h8760592 at edv1.boku.ac.at
Thu Oct 31 07:14:08 EST 1996

Marc Saric wrote:
> >: There is another version of RASMOL (RasMol 2.6-ucb) which has some
> >: enhancements and supports the loading of two structures.
> >: Have a look at http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu:8080/Rasmol/v2.6/

> But is it possible to superimpose these structures???

Yes it is possible to superimpose two or more structures. If the
structures are not very simmilar it might become very confusing (->use
the backbone-view).

Are there programs or algorythms which put the two structures to the
best fitting position and angle ?  (MS-DOS, Windows, Linux (XWindows),


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