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Dr. Enrique Vargas Madrazo evargas at BUGS.INVEST.UV.MX
Wed Oct 30 13:34:37 EST 1996

>>>>>>>> Geoff Waldbieser wrote:

I am looking for software that would allow me to create a relatively 
small database of short sequences (300-1500bp) of our microsatellite 
clones, and also let me detect duplicate clones as I collect and enter 
new sequences in the database. A DOS/Windows/Win95 platform is most 
desirable. Much thanks in advance!
Geoff Waldbieser

The IBI/Pustell V 2.0 for PC makes this work very nice. However this is
an old version. The MacVector for Mac (Oxford Molecular) too makes this.
You can search dna>dna, prot>prot or prot>dna obtaining an alignment of
nucleotides in the first case and of proteins in the two last one cases.

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