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Emmanuel Skoufos skoufs at pantheon.yale.edu
Tue Oct 29 16:18:05 EST 1996

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Wade Walke wrote:

> I'm looking for a program that can accept input of multiple small (10-20
> bp long) DNA sequences (possibly hundreds of different sequences) then
> compare and analyze them for various consensus motifs.  These sequences
> will not all fall into a single consensus motif so I cannot use a simple
> alignment program.  I what to know if any such program exists and if not
> is there anyone willing to write such a program given the proper
> incentive?
> Wade Walke
> dwwalke at scripps.edu

The multiple sequence alignment version of the BCM search launcher at:


does this if you chose the MEME option.

For MEME documentation have a look at:


hope it helps,


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