Mulitple alignment editor

Ewan Birney birney at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Oct 29 09:05:58 EST 1996

Kay Hofmann wrote:
> Francois Jeanmougin (pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr) wrote:
> : >While this editor certainly looks nice, I understand that it can
> : >save the alignments only in a strange 'mase' format and works with none
> : >of the standard formats (it can read MSF, though).
> : [...]
> :       You can easily integrate this editor in your environment using
> : the app-default file (or your .Xdefault) with lines like:
> : Seaview*save:                   clustal
> :       It is written in the help...
> :                                       Francois.

ok. It does look neat but the reason why I am staying with GDE
at the moment is

a) Seaview grabs my keyboard sometimes from the Xserver and wont
let go (anyone else with this problem?) I am running on a alpha
with twm.

b) I could not persuade seaview to chop the ends of an alignment
(the natural way is... highlight it and 'cut' or something similar).
Is there some way to do this. This is the second most common use
of a multiple alignment editor for me (the first being the actual

but... kudos for making the editor. Is there some more formalismed
bug page/request page for the code?

I would still be really interested in an emacs 'multiple alignment'
editor. I think this would be ideal. Anybody out here doing it...

my $.02


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