Mulitple alignment editor

Marcel TURCOTTE turcotte at biochem9.chem.ufl.edu
Mon Oct 28 14:40:51 EST 1996

> In article <3274b50c.0 at cisun2000.unil.ch>, khofmann at isrec-sun1.unil.ch (Kay Hofmann) writes:


> :        http://acnuc.univ-lyon1.fr/phylogeny/seaview.html
> While this editor certainly looks nice, I understand that it can
> save the alignments only in a strange 'mase' format and works with none
> of the standard formats (it can read MSF, though).

You can pick up ``readseq'' utility from D.G.Gilbert and convert
from/to 18 formats.


> This makes seaview not very convenient for people who have to 
> integrate the alignment editor into a set of already existing software.
> And a new sequence format is the last thing we need right now.


I found the application pretty neat and very convient for integrating
with existing packages and as a helper for Web browsers.  You can
easily write glue shells, use pipes, popen or system from within the code
if you have access to the sources of the packages you intent to use it

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