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Shane Brooks Shane.Brooks at sci.monash.edu.au
Mon Oct 28 09:36:41 EST 1996

Multi-element digital counter and database

This is an update of my software that may be useful to anyone that 
routinely uses multi-element laboratory counters. 

Counter is a DOS software program that uses an IBM compatible computer as 
a multi-element digital lab counter.  Keyboard keys are assigned to up to 
600 user configurable items (species).  Counter keeps a database of 
counts for these objects for up to 1000 samples that can be exported as 
an ASCII file and imported into most spreadsheet programs and statistical 

New features include: support for up to 600 species from 1000 samples, 
printer support, full on screen editing, on line help and more.  If you 
checked out version 3.3 - have a second look at version 4.0.

For a FREE Evaluation or more info check out:


while you are there - check out the Australian Society for Limnology home 

European download: ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/miscutil/count40e.zip

Shane Brooks
Research Fellow
Dept Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Monash University
Clayton - Australia
shane.brooks at sci.monash.edu.au

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