Do you know NON-English softwares used in Europe? Help!

J jhp20 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Mon Oct 28 02:18:52 EST 1996


I have to write an article on NON English programs(anything:
wordprocessor, financial, games, graphics, science, commercial, etc)
which are widely used inside each european countries(can include
East European like Russia, etc). 
The programs should have been written by native programmers. That
is it is not developed by an American company like 
Microsoft and translated to French or German.

The main issue is to find out what kind of and how many
such softwares are used VERY widely inside each country which
does not use English.

for example, if Finland has a very well known wordprocessor
called XX written by a native company or person, you can tell
me (with pride) how good it is and how widely used etc.

Thanks very much,


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