I need explanation of BinHex 4.0

Ethan Benatan ethan+ at pitt.edu
Thu Oct 24 07:38:42 EST 1996

You have a classic chicken-and-egg problem.  You need decoding software to
get the decoding software you need....  Find anyone who has a copy of
Stuffit Expander, the newer the better (I believe that the current version
is 4.0.2, if memory serves) but whatever you can get will do.  It
debinhexes, unstuffs, etc, and it is free and freely distributable.  Drop
your file onto it and voila! a Word file will appear that you can read. 
Or whatever.



ps- in simple terms, what BinHex does is encode arbitrary Mac files into a
string of ASCII text that can survive emailing.  There are many other ways
of achieving this.  This process actually makes a file somewhat larger,
and is not to be confused with compression.

In article <01bbc13b$20bcdca0$LocalHost at t587758>, "P. de Jong"
<pieter.de.jong at tip.nl> wrote:

>I received a Word document from the girl I love, but I can't read it! This
>leaves me sleepless.
>When I open the document in Word I can only read the sentence "(This file
>must be converted with BinHex 4.0)". I downloaded the file "binhex~1.bin",
>but I still don't understand how I can convert the file "hola.doc" into a
>readable message.
>Who can explain me what to do???
>Thanks for replying,
>e-mail: pieter.de.jong at tip.nl
>The Netherlands

Ethan Benatan
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