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Tue Oct 22 23:30:10 EST 1996

	The guy at the computer on my left uses Sequencher; the gal 
on the computer to my right uses PHRAP.  Therefore I consider 
myself an expert on both, although I use neither.  The Mac has 
a great user interface; if a program can run on it and take 
advantage of the interface, that's great.  DNA*'s Seqman and 
Gene Code's Sequencher both do.  Therefore they are good programs.
	But PHRAP's algorithm is light years ahead.  I've seen it 
chew through data sets that leave the other algorithms in tangled 
repeats.  Next cosmid I assemble will be with PHRAP.  My time is 
just too valuable to waste on the extra contig editing I would have 
to do with one of the Mac programs.  If Phil puts out a version of 
PHRAP for the Mac, the world will be a better place.  Maybe now 
that he has some potential income from commercail sales of PHRAP, 
he will have the resources and will to do so.  But I think it will 
be a consuming job just keeping up the UNIX PHRAP.  I don't think 
we should expect a Mac PHRAP anytime soon.
	That said, for very small data sets like might be accumulated 
by sequence walking across a cDNA, one might as well use one of the 
Mac programs.

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