Linux mol biol/biochem/etc software - compiling fortran apps

Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 22 13:00:09 EST 1996

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cutts <tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk> writes:

 Tim> Getting back to the subject at hand, I haven't tried the g77
 Tim> package yet,

Then why are you spreading FUD?

 Tim> but I probably wouldn't recommend it for serious work anyway;
 Tim> GNU Fortran is not supposed to be very good at all yet, 

I don't know who supposes that.  I don't think you'd get the
impression it's not for serious work from comp.lang.fortran (or
comp.benchmarks, apparently).  The caveat (apart from not being a F90
compiler) is that it won't work properly on Alpha Linux yet, but work
on that currently continues apace -- consult
 finger -l fortran at gnu.ai.mit.edu

 Tim> so if you want reliable numbers at the end, don't risk it.

Instances of it producing wrong answers are treated seriously but are
now rare.

 Tim> There are commercial Fortran compilers available for Linux and they
 Tim> are not terribly expensive (a couple of hundred dollars).  I have no
 Tim> information about them to hand though.  The Linux FAQ might contain
 Tim> some pointers.

The pointer to supposedly-authoritative info on Fortran on Linux
contains some dubious statements too.  The community might do better
in the long term to put their hundreds of dollars chunks into funding
improvements in G77 than into proprietary stuff (though some of that
is of high quality).

Disclaimer: I'm on the G77 credits list.

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