BIOTOOLS96 - Final call for registrations

Christopher Macgowan macgowan at plato.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca
Mon Oct 21 17:10:49 EST 1996

peter murray rust (pazpmr at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk) wrote:

: 			Bioinformatics Tools, using Java	

: 			Final Registration for BIOTOOLS96

: Explore the power of Object-Oriented programming in Bioinformatics, 
: at your own pace in your own institution!

: This 3 x 1-month virtual course in Bioinformatics software is starting on
: Monday 21st October, but virtual registrations are being accepted until
: the end of the week (October 27).  The three modules will lead you through
: the basics of Java, to its current use in Bioinformatics and finally to
: communal research projects in virtual teams.  A major emphasis later in
: the course will be the use of distributed Objects, such as on Inter- and
: Intra-nets. We are delighted to announce that a wide range of experts
: throughout the Bioinformatics and virtual education communities has agreed
: to act as consultants and include: 

: Terri Attwood (University College, London)
: Amos Bairoch (SwissProt, Geneva)
: Phil Bourne (San Diego)
: Michele Clamp (Oxford)
: Jeroen Coppieters (EBI, Hinxton)
: Audrey D'Costa (Globewide Network Academy),
: Fergus Doherty (Nottingham)
: Georg Fuellen (Bielefeld)
: Kurt Giles (Weizmann & PDB)
: Richard Kinder (SUN Microsystems)
: David Livingstone (ChemQuest)
: Andrew Lyall (Glaxo)
: Alan Mills (Venus Internet)
: Peter Murray-Rust (VSMS)
: John Overington (Pfizer)
: David Parry-Smith (Pfizer)
: Andre Payne (Cyberdynamics)
: Jaime Prilusky (Weizmann & PDB)
: Henry Rzepa (Imperial College)
: Marcus Speh (Globewide Network Academy)
: Luca Toldo (EMBL, Heidelberg)
: Joe Wang (Globewide Network Academy)
: Lesley West (Virtual HyperGlossary)
: Phil Williams (Nottingham)

: Details of the course along with virtual registration for module 1 (100
: GBP) and module 1+2 (300 GBP) can be found at: 
: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/vsms/biotools/

: Peter Murray-Rust
: Virtual School of Molecular Sciences, Nottingham University

: Peter Murray-Rust (PeterMR, ) Director, Virtual School of Molecular Sciences
: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nottingham University, NG7 2RD, UK; Tel 44-115-9515100
: Fax 5110 http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/vsms/; OMF: http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/omf/

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