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D. KIM dkim at nmsu.edu
Thu Oct 17 15:47:57 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SUN.3.93.961017012449.2435B-100000 at nike> Jeremy Harrison <jharriso at nike.heidelberg.edu> writes:
>I have long been wondering;  If you are driving in n automobile that is
>traveling at the speed of light, what happens if you turn on the
>Please tell me what you think would happen.  If I don't get an answer,
>then I'll assume that none of you really know.
>Jeremy Harrison
>jharriso at nike.heidelberg.edu

This post has the sound of a college course question, and I would 
recommend you figure it out for yourself.

hint:  bear in mind that the speed of light is constant in a given 
medium, regardless of the movement of the source, and that headlights 
illuminate the surroundings via reflected light.

So here is another one:  Given that light is not propagated through a 
medium ("ether"), why is it not exempt from the Doppler effect?

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu

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