raster3D-2.2c on Linux?

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Sat Oct 19 00:05:56 EST 1996

Uwe Baumert (baumert at uni-muenster.de) wrote:


: Hi Cornelius,

: I've a working binary of raster3d (I got my source at the end of
: september, so i think it's 2.2c) with tiff-support. I build it on an old
: Slackware 3.0 (Linux 1.2.13, gcc 2.7.0, ELF; SuSe Nov'95). It works - at
: least the examples are produced. If someone is interested, I've also a
: working OS/2 version.

Also, in the same vein, if anyone is interested I have compiled
Tiff-linked Raster3D binaries for Win95 PC, and also a win95 version of
Molscript, though you would need to sign a license with Per Kraulis
(and prove this) before I can release a copy of Molscript.

(greg at micro.med.cornell.edu)

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