A new question anyone can answer :-)

mmeunier at cc.umanitoba.ca mmeunier at cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Oct 18 09:02:16 EST 1996

>   kirk_honour at collagen.com writes:
>  Say Corporate Banker flying from LA to New York has a fly in his
>  briefcase. Once the plane gets into the air he opens his briefcase and the fly
>  flies out and lands on the seat head rest immediately in front of him such that
>  he can observe the actions of the fly. Now, periodically the fly flies around
>  from this spot and lands in the same place, and the Banker watches this.  The
>  question the Banker has is this; Does the plane get lighter when the fly is
>  flying around the interior of the plane than when the fly is sitting on the seat
>  head rest?
What is this?                                                                                
A yuppy version of the chicken farmer driving his truck over the bridge?

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