A new question anyone can answer :-)

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Everyone needs to have some fun no and them, so here it another interesting
question.  Say Corporate Banker flying from LA to New York has a fly in his
briefcase. Once the plane gets into the air he opens his briefcase and the fly
flies out and lands on the seat head rest immediately in front of him such that
he can observe the actions of the fly. Now, periodically the fly flies around
from this spot and lands in the same place, and the Banker watches this.  The
question the Banker has is this; Does the plane get lighter when the fly is
flying around the interior of the plane than when the fly is sitting on the seat
head rest?

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You won't be able to see a darned thing! ( }:-) [=bald smiley face with
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>>I have long been wondering;  If you are driving in n automobile that is
>>traveling at the speed of light, what happens if you turn on the
>>Please tell me what you think would happen.  If I don't get an answer,
>>then I'll assume that none of you really know.
>>Jeremy Harrison
>>jharriso at nike.heidelberg.edu

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