Protein visualization in SGI

Paul Sanschagrin sanschag at sol.bch.msu.edu
Thu Oct 17 13:30:24 EST 1996

Gerard Pujadas wrote:
> Hi to all, my name is Gerard Pujadas and I would like to know if there is
> available a free program for SGI which allows the user to visualize only
> certain parts of a protein structure (for exemple a residue range,
> secondary structures of the same type, etc.) from the full PDB file. I
> would need also that the program allow to see the structure in a rich
> format (ribbons, balls & stick, etc) and if possible combinations of some
> of them in the same view. I have tried RasMol but aparently it's not
> possible to do both.
> I would be very interested to know if exist a protein visualization program
> which reads files that could be previously edited to set up the view (MAGE
> does it but the quality of the views is poor). The program sholud run on
> Mac or SGI. Thanks in advances for your help. Please reply these mail.
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We are currently running Rasmol v2.6 on our Suns and it will allow 
us to have different styles of rendering over different parts of 
the molecule at the same time using the "select" command. This will 
tell Rasmol to do the commands on only this portion of the molecule. 
As for previously setting up files to view, Rasmol does have a basic
scripting ability to allow you to run a series of Rasmol commands.
Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

				Paul Sanschagrin
				sanschag at sol.bch.msu.edu

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