Strider 1.0 anywhere?

ethan+ at pitt.edu ethan+ at pitt.edu
Wed Oct 16 12:57:48 EST 1996


We need some DNA analysis software that students can use, and are
reluctant to install our licensed copies of DNA Strider 1.2 (the latest
version, I believe) on any public machines.  But I can't find the free
version (1.0) anywhere.  (I've tried a variety of net serach techniques) 

If there is no legal reason not to, could someone please mail a copy, or
post it, or tell me where to find one?  I can put it up on the net if it's
okay to do so.  I'd also be thrilled to receive any recommendations for
alternative solutions.

Thanks a lot-

Ethan Benatan
ethan+ at pitt.edu                           http://www.pitt.edu/~ethan

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