making restriction maps...

Przemko Tylzanowski przemko at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Oct 16 15:04:22 EST 1996

I have posted this question before but got either no answer or an answer
to the question that I did not ask. So, here we go again.
I am looking for a program that will make (NOT JUST DRAW!!!!)
restriction maps. As an input I would like to give either relative
distance of bands or even their size (if the program is too "lazy" and
will not accept relative mobility). As an output I would like to get...
a restriction map.
There was a program like that in the IG Suite, helas, I do not have an
access to it anymore. There is also a program for Mac/Unix called
"DoubleDigester". It will take as an input fragment sizes generated by a
single digest with two enzymes and double digest with the same enzymes
and make a map. This manipulation, however, I can do with a pencil and
paper. What I am looking for is a program that will take MULTIPLE singel
as well as mixed digests and make a restriction map (like in the "old
days" where one would do it albeit slowly and a lot of anguish, a
calculator pencil and many erasers...
For instance, I have an unknow pece of DNA. I cut it with, EcoRI, BamHI,
HindIII, PstI, XhoI, EcoRI/HindIII, PstI/BamHI, XhoI/EcoRI, and
PstI/XhoI. I run a gel, calculate sizes (or have a digitizer to help
me), give the input to a computer and hit "enter". As an answer I get a
serie of restriction maps (either as text file or a nice graphic)
showing the sites, telling me what is the probability for that
restriction map (obviously dependent on the accuracy of my measurements)
and maybe suggesting some additional digest combination.

Now, is anything out there that can do it (aside from the IGSuite that
CAN DO IT!). Of course, preferably for Win95 etc.

ThankX for the replies (to the news or by mail). I will summarize (if
there will be something to summarize that is...|:)


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