Pharmaceutical Stability Database Packages

Sysop sysop at org
Fri Oct 11 05:22:50 EST 1996

Perkin Elmer makes a product call SQL*Stability.  This seems very

Scott Sutton, PhD
The Microbiology BBS
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MM>I work for a pharmaceutical company in a process development role. I
MM>would like to purchase software which is preferrably able to run on IBM
MM>PCs, maintain a database of drug stability and to produce tables and
MM>output graphs. Ability to access data from LIMS and statistically analyse
MM>the output in accordance with the ICH giudelines would be an advantage.

MM>Does anyone have any practical experience with such systems and can
MM>recommend one?

MM>Michael McNamara
MM>email: mmcnamar at csl.com.au
MM>CSL Limited
MM>45 Poplar Rd.,
MM>Vic 3052

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