Staden for Mac/PC?

Jose R. Valverde txomsy at bossa-nova.cnb.uam.es
Mon Oct 14 08:13:48 EST 1996

> In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.961012112923.6528A-100000 at metal.foodsci.unibo.it>,
> 	"Dr. Francesco Capozzi" <fcapozzi at metal.foodsci.unibo.it> writes:
>I think that any effort made by scientist (serious scientist) is made 
>available to the community by means of publications. And this should hold 
>for every field, also software's efforts.
...   ...   ...

	Yup! Specially when you go ask for grants and everybody tells you that
building software is not an experiment or a research work.

	And when you go ask for a position and they tell you that a paper on
sequencing a tRNA is more important than any paper on bioinformatics.

	Go and figure out why people doesn't write more software.

	It's absolutely opaque for me. Why does not people write more software
that will be used by thousands of persons which is worth a lot more than
being able to nurse your kids, send them to school and pay their 

	Sorry, but the truth is that most biologists don't like to pay for 
software, not only money, they won't support your requests for grants,
media, people or positions either. They won't even acknowledge the work
you've done by dutily citing your papers as they cite any other methods
they use.

	So, whose's fault is it?

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