Database/calendar program??

Andy Phillips andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Oct 14 11:18:48 EST 1996

A colleague of mine has been saddled with the job of Postgraduate Tutor 
in our Department. As part of this job she has to maintain a database of 
all the students, make sure that they complete all parts of the training 
programme and submit reports etc at the proper times. 

This would be OK except that the process isn't synchronous, ie students 
can start at any time of the year, and then submit a first-year report 
etc after the first year. With up to 50 students around, keeping track 
of all the due dates is a nightmare.

Can anyone recommend a package that integrates the functions of a 
database with that of a PIM, so that the database will set off alarms 
when a particular student's forms, reports, etc are due in?

Sorry if this isn't a totally appropriate newsgroup - any suggestions 
for a better one?



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