Looking for PC plasmid drawing programs.

Michael Blaesse blaesse at wchd18.chemie.uni-wuerzburg.de
Mon Oct 14 16:06:10 EST 1996


On Sat, 12 Oct 1996, Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:
> Plasmid Processor is a simple tool for plasmid presentation for
> scientific and
> educational purposes. It features both circular and linear DNA, user
> defined restriction sites, genes and multiple cloning site. In addition
> you 
> can manipulate plasmid by inserting and deleting fragments. Created
> drawings 
> can be copied to clipboard or saved to disk for later use. Printing from 
> withing program is also supported. 
> Plasmid Processor is freeware, so you can use and distribute it freely. 
> You can download full executable version of Plasmid Processor 1.02 for
> Windows

I have a problem with this program. The bottom of the graphic is not on 
the screen and there is no scroll-bar on the right site of teh window. 
For example the BamHI-site of the example1 is not readable. Is this a 
problem of my version, or does anybody else have this problem too?


Michael Blaesse 

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