Mapping transcription factor sites

Suzanne Rodday srodday at bitwise.net
Sat Oct 12 17:52:28 EST 1996

In article <325FE0D4.5A04 at com1.med.usf.edu>, Mike Gruidl
<mgruidl at com1.med.usf.edu> wrote:

> Dear Netters:
> I am looking for a PC (windows or Dos) program for mapping transcription 
> factor sites within a sequence of my choice.  I am aware of the the 
> TransFac database and the new search utility.  but I am not finding this 
> very usefull for my needs.  I would like something that gives me a 
> printout of the alignment and the name of the transcription factor.
> Is there a way to search the TFD database at NCBI?
> Mike Gruidl

How about something for the mac???  I would be interested in that?  


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