Staden for Mac/PC?

Dr. Francesco Capozzi fcapozzi at metal.foodsci.unibo.it
Sat Oct 12 05:40:25 EST 1996

I think that any effort made by scientist (serious scientist) is made 
available to the community by means of publications. And this should hold 
for every field, also software's efforts. I understand that behind a 
program package there is a big work, but I think that the salary for this 
work is the worldwide aknowledgement of the validity of the outcame product. 
Moreover, it should be possible to get money (as grants) from companies 
producing computer, whenever the software is particularly developed for their 
platforms. Finally, I would appreciate to test the product before spend 
money for that. Often, one claimed new product is just a restyling of an 
older and cheaper one.
Thanks for your attention.

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