cluster view

Dr. Francesco Capozzi fcapozzi at metal.foodsci.unibo.it
Sat Oct 12 05:16:14 EST 1996

is there any program running under WIN95 able to display (and draw) a 
protein structure from PDB format in which the protein has a prosthetic 
group (such as Fe4S4)? I need to draw the protein backbone as a ribbon  
and the cluster (plus ligands) as ball & sticks. Rasmol is wonderful 
but, unfortunally, is not able to connect ions in the cluster.
Thank you very much for your help and I hope that I represent more 
people having the same problem.

                  (o o)
Dott. Francesco Capozzi
University of Bologna
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47023 Cesena (FO)
e-mail fcapozzi at metal.foodsci.unibo.it
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