Looking for PC plasmid drawing programs.

Dr. Duncan Clark duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 12 03:13:42 EST 1996

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>       Is there any source of plasmid drawing programs that aren't part
>of a huge package I can get for the lab?  It can be DOS or any windows
>       Thanks!
>Douglas Stemke
>Biological Process Technology Institute
>University of Minnesota, St. Paul

Plasmid Processor is a simple tool for plasmid presentation for
scientific and
educational purposes. It features both circular and linear DNA, user
defined restriction sites, genes and multiple cloning site. In addition
can manipulate plasmid by inserting and deleting fragments. Created
can be copied to clipboard or saved to disk for later use. Printing from 
withing program is also supported. 

Plasmid Processor is freeware, so you can use and distribute it freely. 

You can download full executable version of Plasmid Processor 1.02 for
(tm) at URL


( plasp102.zip (239k). )
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