hypertext sequence tool?

ketchup Ketchup at cris.com
Thu Oct 10 16:29:47 EST 1996


Where would the information about the the sequence letter or box come



>Does anyone know of a hypertext sequence editing/alignment tool?  I'd like to 
>be able to click on a sequence letter, or a boxed sequence motif, and bring 
>up another window/page/whatever with information about that position or motif.
>The closest thing I know of to what I want is LOOK, which is a cool program, 
>but which is more than I want, and more restrictive than I want. I'd like to 
>be able to take a general sequence alignment in some general format and edit 
>in its hyperlinks. And then maybe put it on the web. I'm sure other people 
>have thought about this! Thanks, 

>Doug Freymann
>freymann at msg.ucsf.edu

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