science software (mol biol/biochem/biology) under Linux

Martin Kroeker martin at tutor.oc.chemie.th-darmstadt.de
Mon Oct 7 04:49:16 EST 1996

zinc (zinc at zifi.genetics.utah.edu) wrote:
> i'm attempting to compile a list of software that either people have
> claimed runs under Linux or that is known to run under Linux for the

> XtalView
> it looks like binaries are avail for Linux...(according to the above
Linux binaries are definitely available.

> i searched all over for this - couldn't find the source!  only a ton
Look on kekule.osc.edu, you should find sources for mopac6 and the pd
version of mopac7 there. (If i remember correctly, there was also a linux
binary of mopac7 there, but once you've taken care of some VAXisms in the
source, compilation is no problem either).

> i heard the GAMESS programs compile under Linux but i did not try them
Yes, GAMESS runs on Linux.

There is also MOLMOL from Wuthrich's group:

and finally a shameless plug for our PIMM molecular mechanics code,
(free for academics, but you need to email us for a license and pointer
to the source).

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