Software for viewing automated sequencer files on a PC?

Luca I.G. TOLDO luca.toldo at embl-heidelberg.de
Sun Oct 6 06:18:37 EST 1996

The java applet developed by Eugen Buehler allows ANY Java aware
WWW browser of interacting with the SCF format files. 
The Eugen Buehler's applet is included in the JaMBW package:
Java Workbench in Molecular Biology as well. 
(http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/~toldo/JaMBW.html) that contains
link also to the original distrib of the SCF viewer.

The PC software "GeneSkipper" developed by Christian Schwager in EMBL
Heidelberg also has a dedicated module for allowing interaction
with SCF and ALF format files. his email address is
Schwager at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

I have not yet tested it, but I recall having read that also the GCG
package seems to be able of use the ALF or SCF formats.


Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Computer Group

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