Analysis of ABI sequencer data - PC/Windows

Peter J. Myler mylerpj at u.washington.edu
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What do you mean by analyze the sequence?  If you want to extract the
sequence from the trace file, you can use CHROMAS to view the trace data
and extract the sequence into the paste buffer for pasting into you program
of choice.  You can get CHROMAS at

Alternatively, the Seqman module of Lasergene from DNASTAR will import ABI
trace files directly for contig assembly and also allows you to view the
chromatograph for editing in the assembly project.  It is not freeware


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Steve Roberts <bmcsar at picr.cr.man.ac.uk> wrote in article
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> Greetings,
> We have a couple of ABI sequencers in the lab  (one 370, one 377), which
use Macs to 
> collect the data and bung it down to our fileserver. Our Mac-lovers use
the ABI SeqEd(?) 
> software to analyse the data, and one or two groups have had to purchase
Macs to analyse 
> the ABI data. Most of our users are PC/MS Windows 3.11/95 folk. Are there
any serious 
> equivalents to the ABI Mac software that will run under Windows and
handle the files spat 
> out by the Mac? The users want the functionality and convenience of the
MAc software but 
> not the Mac.
> We can justify the cost of a dedicated MAC, but not the bench space!
> Thanks,
> Steve.
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