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This is a tad specialized. I was interested in the software that people use
to process (fit) their data for enzyme kinetic analysis (from linear
velocity calculation to non-linear regression).  A survey of an enzyme
mailing list revealed the top program was a PC-only program.  When I spoke
to the author he said:
What would it take to get a Mac version [of Grafit]?

This is an interesting point. I am not totally convinced that the Mac
market is strong enough to bother with. There is a good academic following,
mainly in the US, but almost no Macs outside University labs.
Unfortunately, it is your industrial colleagues who are more likely to part
with their hard-earned  $'s. The other problem with Macs is the split
caused by the PowerPC -- to divide a small market share into two pieces was
a strange marketing decision...

However, the next release of GraFit is written in such a way that
cross-compilation to Mac is at least a possibility. But I don't intend even
to contemplate this until the PC version is finished.

I've already made an initial reply to some of his platform concerns.  What
I need is not more why Mac is better but what is the prevalence of the Mac
in the labs that do enzyme kinetics, show him a profit can be made. He
seems to be open enough.

Please e-mail me. I will post a summary if there is enough interest.

Charles Schick
Children's Hospital Boston

Charlie Schick
schick at reena.tch.harvard.edu
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