JoinMap & MapQTL software announcement

Johan van Ooijen (+31) 317 477 319 J.W.VANOOIJEN at cpro.dlo.nl
Thu Nov 28 09:28:18 EST 1996

You can now read about the genetic mapping software packages JoinMap and 
MapQTL on the web site of CPRO-DLO:

Information is presented on the things you can do with these software 
packages. You can also view the manuals to study the details, and you 
can view the lists of frequently asked questions. You can read about 
the computer platforms for which the software is available, how the 
licensing works, what it costs, and how to order.

JoinMap is software for the calculation of genetic linkage maps. It 
handles data from all kinds of full-sib families (BC, F2, RILs, 
[doubled] haploids, cross-pollinator-progeny), and can combine data 
from several sources into an integrated map. Besides the modules for 
map calculation, the package has some diagnostical modules.

MapQTL is software for the mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTLs). 
It handles data from single full-sib families of all kinds (BC, F2, 
RILs, [doubled] haploids, cross-pollinator-progeny). Used techniques: 
interval mapping, multiple QTL models with cofactors (MQM mapping), 
nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis analysis per marker.

Johan van Ooijen

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