ANNOUNCE UPDATE DSC v1.2 Prot. Sec. Struc. Pred. WWW & Code

Mike Sternberg m.sternberg at icrf.icnet.uk
Tue Nov 26 08:44:42 EST 1996


This version has minor improvements suggested by the monitoring
of web usage over the last month.

DSC - Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

I am pleased to announce the updating of our web site for 
the prediction of protein secondary structure.
Two prediction modes are available:

1) Given a single sequence.  A multiple sequence alignmentt 
will be formed and DSC used to predict secondary structure.

2) Given a  multiple sequence alignmnet.  DSC will 
use this alignment to predict secondary structure.

The advantages of DSC are:
1) It provides state of the artaccuracy.  
DSC has a prediction accuracy of 70.1% on a 
standard set of 126 proteins.  This was not significantly different 
from PHD, a popular prediction method.  For medium length sequences 
DSC was more accurate than PHD, and combining DSC and PHD produced 
a prediction method more accurate than either.

2) It is free.  There is no charge for using DSC.  

3) The C source code is available.  This would allow you 
to run DSC on your own system if you had confidential sequences.

DSC is based on simple linear statistics.  A paper on the
scientific basis of DSC was published in Protein Science:
"Identification and Application of the Concepts Important for
Accurate and Reliable Protein Secondary Structure Prediction"
by Ross D. King & Michael J.E. Sternberg
Protein Science vol 5 2298-2310 (1996)

Ross D. King
Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory
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